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Although taking care of the spiritual health of parishioners is the primary focus of our Church, we also aim to make everyone’s life brighter by offering information and services that can keep our bodies healthy as well. That’s where our Parish Nursing Ministry comes in. We are indeed fortunate to have nurses as members of our parish. Their generosity affords our parishioners the opportunity to monitor their health status and to be kept informed regarding health concerns as they arise throughout the year. Unique? Yes, but that is how we strive to be at St. Agnes Church.

Health and spirituality have been closely linked since Biblical times.  Parish Nursing is ministering to the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of the church's parishioners.  The goal of a Parish Nursing program is the promotion of health by education and screening of the congregational community, and the education and spiritual support of those with health concerns in an effort to promote and maintain the client's ability to contribute meaningfully to their community.

Parish Nursing focuses on holistic care, recognizing the importance of the spiritual connections to the emotional, psychological, social and physical issues in prevention and maintenance of health care.

Parish Nursing was founded in the United States in 1944 by Dr. Granger Westberg, a Lutheran chaplain.  He recognized that faith and healing were closely interconnected.  He approached the president of the Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, Illinois and discussed the concept of the Parish Nurse as a practitioner in preventative health care.  They tested the idea in four Protestant and two Roman Catholic churches.  There are now over 3,000 Parish Nurses in the U.S. today.  In the last few years, Parish Nursing has taken hold in Canada as well.

What does the Parish Nurse Do?

The Parish Nurse is a:

1.    Health Educator

The Parish nurse teaches individuals and groups of all ages about physical, emotional and spiritual health issues.

Free literature is available in the church foyer.

The Parish Nurse bulletin board will be in the foyer with information related to current health issues.

2.     Health Counsellor

The Parish Nurses offer advice, information, and support to parishioners with concerns regarding their physical, emotional, or spiritual health in order to help them make informed decisions about their health care.

Confidentiality is strictly enforced.

3.     Resource Person to Community Resources

The Parish Nurse is knowledgeable regarding local community services and health agencies that may benefit the parishioner and can inform the parishioner on ways to gain access to those services.


How to Contact a Parish Nurse

The Parish Nurses are available during the monthly Blood Pressure Screening Clinics after Mass.  The dates for the Blood Pressure Screening Clinics are available in the Church Bulletins.  You are welcome to talk to any of the Parish Nurses after Mass.


Mission Statement of the Parish Nurse Ministry

The Parish Nurse Ministry is a Christian Health Ministry concerned for, and committed to, serving the health needs of the whole person.


The Parish Nursing Team


Cathy Fazio                      Registered Nurse

Cheryl Gibb                      Registered Nurse

Anne Leschuk                   Registered Nurse

Anne McGoey                   Registered Nurse

Lou Richert                      Registered Nurse

Doris Rossi                       Registered Nurse

Gail Charlebois              Secretary/Resource


If anyone is interested in joining the Parish Nursing Team, please contact Doris Rossi at 577-5051.


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