Adult Altar Servers

Altar Servers’ Mission

The altar server role is an integral part of the liturgical celebrations, especially in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The altar server’s mission is to assist ordained clergy in carrying out liturgical functions including preparing the altar, assisting deacons and priests in their preparations, and participating in solemn processions. The altar server also sets an example to the congregation by joining in the singing, praying and maintaining silence during the Mass.

What must an Altar Server learn in order to serve at Mass?

  • Structure of the Mass and the meaning of Catholic prayer and ritual.
  • Identification and purpose of religious items used at Mass: Liturgical Books, Alter Furniture, Vessels, Vestments and Articles.
  • Procedures and responsibilities for serving at Mass.
  • Roles and Responsibilities

This is a spiritually rewarding Ministry to be involved with as you are actively involved in the Mass celebrations.  As an Altar Server, you will be providing leadership by example for the rest of the congregation; your attitude of reverence in the sanctuary can be very inspiring to our parish community.

Informative Links Relating to the Altar Server Ministry

A Tour of a Catholic Church (Catholic Update article) -

Video: Draw Near - A Video Guide to the Catholic Mass (23:23)
The video, Draw Near, explores the structure of the Mass overall, its particular parts and their meaning. The video utilizes the ritual as people experience it to foster deeper understanding and appreciation of the mass. It depicts the Archdiocese of Chicago and the many communities of faith where the Eucharist is celebrated.

Items Used at Mass

We welcome you to contact the Parish Office at (807) 475-7489 if you would like to join the Altar Server Ministry.  Training will be provided.


Youth Altar Servers

St. Agnes has a wonderful community of youth altar servers, and we look forward to seeing you on our team!  Follow the links below for more information, including a brief overview of what is involved and a photo of how to set up the altar.

Youth Altar Server Duties

Set Up of the Altar

We welcome you to contact  the Parish Office at (807) 475-7489 if you would like to join the Youth Altar Server Ministry.  Training will be provided.


Hospitality Ministry

Creating a welcoming atmosphere at the beginning of each Mass helps foster a warm and positive environment throughout our Church.  Each week, volunteer greeters gather in the Church foyer to welcome regular parishioners and those visiting St. Agnes Church. They are there to say “hello”, answer questions from parishioners, assist anyone who may need help, and help make visitors feel at home in our Parish.

Greeters may also be asked to invite three individuals attending Mass, a family if possible, to bring the gifts (host, wine and offering basket) to the priest at the front of the church prior to the communion segment of the Mass.  As the congregation leaves the mass, greeters offer each family a bulletin; they then check the pews to tidy hymnals and ensure kneelers are properly positioned for the next mass.

Greeters are assigned an average of one mass each month. They are asked to arrive 20 to 30 minutes prior to the start of mass to welcome Church attendees. Greeters may choose which mass they prefer; a team of 2 or 3 greeters serves at each mass.

Volunteers are always needed for the Hospitality Ministry.  If you are a person who loves welcoming and talking to others, the hospitality Ministry would be a great Ministry for you to join.  Please sign the volunteer form in the Church foyer or contact Charlene Habel at (807) 473-4731. You may also leave your name with the Parish office at (807) 475-7489.


Eucharistic Ministers

At each Mass, Eucharistic Ministers prepare the gifts (the host and wine) and the altar and then take part in the actual service  by offering the host and wine to the congregation.  This can make your time at Church even more meaningful since you are actually taking an active and more intimate role in the service itself.  Eucharistic Ministers typically serve at one or two Masses each month but you can take part more often if you would like to.  To have someone contact you about becoming a Eucharistic Minister, please call the Parish Office at (807) 475-7489.



The Scriptures are the word of God written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  God touches each us through His Word providing us with His inspiration, insight and wisdom.  As a Lector, speaking God's Word to the entire congregation is a very spiritually rewarding experience.  To those who are comfortable talking in front of others, or for those who want practice speaking publicly, Lectoring is an excellent Ministry to be involved with. Please contact the Parish Office at (807) 475-7489 if you would like to speak with someone about becoming a Lector during Mass.

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