The Prayer Group and Prayer Chain Ministry

 The Prayer Group

Uplifting!! Spiritually Energizing!! Relaxing!! Spiritually Rewarding!!

Expand your faith.  Delve deeper into God's words to extract its enhanced spiritual meaning and learn how it can be incorporated into your daily life. Experience the peace that comes from soaking prayer.  Listen to guest speakers who share details of miracles that have occurred in their lives. Participating in the St. Agnes Prayer Group is a rich and rewarding experience!

The Prayer Group is run under the spiritual direction of Deacon Armand Danis and Deacon John Meyers, Chairperson Ann Femiak, and Don & Rita Randle. It is based on the Catholic Charismatic Renewal which began during the 1960’s. This renewal was an outgrowth of Vatican II and is described as “a movement of the Spirit in the Church” (not a spiritual movement in the church). It is based on the premise that miracles and healings are a natural, everyday occurrence when we allow ourselves to have a close, daily relationship with God. God is “within” us, not “outside” of us.

Each prayer group meeting begins with prayer and uplifting praise and worship song. This is followed by a reading from the scripture with valuable insight being given into each reading. The main topic of the evening is then presented which includes one of the following: a scripture reading and its meaning, a spiritual teaching, a DVD on a particular religious topic, a guest speaker, or a witness from someone on the experience of how God has worked miracles and healings in their life. The last Monday of each month is reserved for soaking prayer. This is a time of peaceful, healing meditation. The lights are dimmed and soft music is played while Don & Rita Randle move around the room and pray over each person individually. Each prayer meeting is closed with prayer and the opportunity for anyone to bring forward personal prayer intentions. Following each meeting, tea, coffee & snacks are available while Don and Rita Randle meet in a separate room with anyone who would like additional prayer.

A very warm welcome is extended to anyone who would like to attend The Prayer Group held in the Church Hall every Monday night from 7:30pm until 9:00pm.


Prayer Chain Ministry

Psalm 3- 30:2

LORD my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me.

Matthew 21:22.

If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.Everyone of us, at some time or other, encounters situations in our lives that can be difficult to endure. When our Lord is called upon to help us in these trying times, the door is opened for miracles to occur.

The Prayer Chain Ministry is a group of volunteers that participate in private prayer at the request of anyone who feels the need for intercessory prayer. Each volunteer receives a list of prayer requests that they pray for daily during their own prayer time. A request can be made for yourself or for someone that you feel needs prayer in their lives. You may submit your name at the time of making the request or it can be made anonymously if you prefer. Any request made, or information given, is kept in the strictest of confidence.

The chain members will pray for each request for a thirty day period. If, after that time, further prayer is needed, please call again and the request will be added back onto the list.

If you would like to receive prayer for yourself or someone else, please call Lois @ 577-9175 or the Parish Office at 475-7489. Should you be interested in becoming a prayer chain volunteer, please use the same contact numbers for further information.


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