We would like to extend a very warm welcome to those of you that are going through, or have already gone through, the difficult stage of separation and/or divorce and need a place where you can find helpful advice, understanding and compassion for your situation.

DivorceCare is an internationally acclaimed 13-week video based program that focuses on difficulties people face during separation and divorce. This program offers excellent advice on how to deal with each one of these challenges.  A different topic is covered each week which means that you can join the program at any time during its13-week duration.  DivorceCare will give you positive, practical and helpful advice to manage issues that you may face such as finances, loneliness, depression, anger, moving on to healthy new relationships, dealing with children during this timeetc.

DivorceCare meetings are held every Wednesday from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, September to June, at St. Agnes Church. We understand that confidentiality is very important to you;  rest assured that all names, identities and situations are held in the utmost confidence.  

Below are two videos that will give you more insight into what DivorceCare is all about. If you have any questions about the program, feel free to contact our Parish Office and our facilitator be in touch with you.

As you probably already know, it's normal to feel alone and sometime unsupported during a divorce or separation.  The following article entitled "Why Wont My Church Help Me" addresses this issue for those who may feel somewhat alienated within their church environment.

The fee for DivorceCare is $25 to cover the workbook which accompanies the video program.  We know that finances can sometimes be tight when you're in this situation so, if $25 is more than you can afford, we will cover this expense for you.

To register for this program, please contact the Parish Office at (807) 475-7489 or pick up a registration form at the Parish Office.  You can also download the registration form by clicking here, complete it and submit it in one of the following ways:

  • mail this form to St. Agnes Church, 1019 Brown Street, Thunder Bay, ON P7E 2L4.
  • scan and e-mail the form to st.agnes@shaw.ca.
  • submit the form in person to the St. Agnes Church Office, 1019 Brown Street, Thunder Bay, Tuesday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. A 24 hour mail slot is also available at this location.
  • bring it with you to the DivorceCare session on Wednesday evening. Please contact the Parish office at 475-7489 to confirm that the program is in session before attending.

We would be honoured to help you during your healing journey!



Below are testimonials of people who have taken our DivorceCare program:

"The 13-week DivorceCare program was absolutely the #1 resource that helped me the most in recovering from the pain of my divorce. The DVD series equipped me with helpful strategies to tackle the most challenging aspects of the emotional roller coaster and helped me grow closer to God, and the group discussions were an absolutely incredible experience; it was amazing to be able to talk to people who not only listened, but truly UNDERSTOOD what I was going through. Many of our stories and emotions were so similar, and I felt endlessly inspired by the other participants, knowing that if they could endure and survive the many struggles of separation/divorce, then so could I. I "graduated" from the program with renewed hope and optimism for a brighter future, and I am forever grateful for the incredible support I received and wonderful people I met. I highly recommend this program for anyone going through separation/divorce. No matter how difficult it seems, there IS life after divorce - and the DivorceCare program will definitely help you create it.  Do not struggle on your own; consider joining the program!  It changed my life."

"The videos are filled with a lot of valuable information and guidance. Everyone is allowed to express themselves and to share their own thoughts freely!"

"Sharing my experience with like others helped me to see that I am not alone and I believe it has quickened my recovery. Thank you DivorceCare Team!" 

"I found it really nice to be able to interact with others that were going through the same emotions that I was."

"I can't necessarily clearly articulate how DivorceCare has helped me, but I can feel the healing! The program was a non-threatening way of meeting others and feeling like I was understood. I was able to confront a lot of the issues I was aware of, and even began working through some areas that were hidden away. The hope and healing that I have encountered have been a big piece of the puzzle and I am grateful for it!"

"Taking the step to attend my first DivorceCare session was a great choice!"

"DivorceCare helped me to come out from under that "heavy rock" and start moving on!"

"Knowing I am not alone and feeling connected to people in the same spot and situation as myself."


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