A Brighter Life With God

A brighter life with God.  Take a moment to reflect on this statement.  What feelings are ignited within you when you hear this?  What does this look like to you now and in your future?  How can this concept be incorporated more fully into every day of your life?

God’s love, compassion and forgiveness are powerful forces in our lives which allow us to move forward in positive and life-affirming ways.  For those who already have a personal relationship with God, working  towards developing deeper and even more meaningful aspects of our faith  could be the focus.  If you have not yet taken the opportunity to connect with God, now may be the perfect time to learn what God is all about and how his presence in your life can lead to experiences powered by love and joy.

God embodies love.  Love heals.  It’s very simple and very true.  Making someone’s day brighter in some way expresses love, sending healing energy to both the recipient and reverberating back to the giver.  It’s a win-win situation.  At St. Agnes Parish, we believe that if each of us extends kindness towards others the ripples in the water of love and acceptance will reach far beyond our Parish.  As light spreads into our community, seeds are planted to encourage healing changes in hearts and minds.  Even small positive actions may have a huge effect.  When the Holy Spirit is at work in your life, miraculous things can occur for you and those you love.

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