Excitement!  Friendship!  Fun!  Faith!

Join our dynamic youth community. Our doors are open to all kids from Grade 3 right through to High School students. Join St. Agnes today to meet new friends and add a whole lot more fun to your days.


Youth Alpha /Beta


Youth Alpha/ Beta is program for students in grades 7-12 that is open to all beliefs and backgrounds and it is a safe space to ask questions about life, faith and meaning. The program strives to connect youth from both inside and outside our parish community to a deeper life with Christ.

Ministry Contact:

Lyndsey Swoluk- 807-629-2876 lswoluk13@gmail.com

John Piotrowski- 807-355-8654 jangofett7337@gmail.com


Youth Advisory Council


The Youth Advisory serves as a council to guide and support our youth ministry programs. It consists of leaders within our parish who have a perspective on youth and young families. They meet every few months to discuss the progress of our youth ministry programs and to offer advice and guidance to our youth ministers.

Ministry Contact:

Joanna Lacaria- 807-986-3451  jlcaria@tbcschools.ca


Amped Youth Ministry


Amped Youth Ministry is an afterschool program for students in grades 3-6 which takes place weekly on Thursdays. This program encourages youth to form healthy relationships with each other, with Christ, and with our community. The goal is that this program will engage youth at a young age to then feed them into our other youth ministry programs.

Ministry Contact:

Lyndsey Swoluk- 807-629-2876 lswoluk13@gmail.com

Vanessa Wylie- 807-629-8854 vanessa.nicole224@gmail.com


Family Events


Our Family Event Ministry exists to foster fellowship and community within our parish as well a focus on evangelization to reach those outside of our parish. Their main events include the Family Halloween Party, the Family Christmas Party, the Easter Egg Hunt and the Parish Picnic BBQ.

 Ministry Contact:

Lyndsey Swoluk- 807-629-2876 lswoluk13@gmail.com


Youth Band

(Formally Youth Choir)

Our Youth Band leads our community in worship on Sunday evenings at the 7pm Mass.  This band aims to add a youthful flair to our Mass by focusing on Praise and Worship style music. Still in its early development stages, this band now consists of vocalists, a piano player, guitarists and a drum player.

Ministry Contact:

Melissa Brady-  807-708-1667 melissavon@live.ca





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